Humming it softly!

It was a bright blue summer day, when I heard someone in the neighborhood playing a fine melody. It felt like one of my favourite tunes because it was so familiar and quite appealing, I must add, though it was a bit vague and I wasn't very sure of it, as the music was being played at a distance. In no time, I started humming it myself. Mum was in the kitchen and she heard me humming this sweet melody. She has always loved me singing, as in her words, music makes me calm. She came into my room and very pleasingly, asked me, "What is it that you're humming darling?" I didn't know how to respond to her question as I didn't have the answer to it myself, so I kept humming the tune, this time even louder. I saw the clock, it was almost time for me to get ready, "I'll be late for the meeting again" I thought to myself. I opened my cupboard, and found myself lost with an endless choice.

The irony with situations like these for me is that the more variety I have, the more difficult it gets for me to make a choice. Sometimes I miss my school days, when all we had to do for getting ready was to wear the uniform and there, you're all set to go! But let's admit it we used to hate that situation too, perhaps for the lack of choice. Maybe that’s the irony of life, we're never happy with what we have. Anyway, when I finally made a choice, I figured I was already quite late. So I got ready and rushed to my workplace. The meeting went quite well, I still kept humming that song, even on the way back home. Till date I can't figure out what song it was, but maybe I should leave it like that, a sweet melody with a pinch of mystery!


  1. I like to read blog about music. Music is life and thats absolutely true. I wish you success both in singing and fashion designer. :)


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