I Don’t Know What Love Is?

......................A simple love story of a complicated girl.

She always considered herself as a rebel, a fighter and a survivor. Destiny had not always done right by her. Sorrow, she considered, was a faithful friend to her and she learnt to live with it through painful and difficult times.
As a child, she had a troubled upbringing. Her parent, though they “loved” each other, could not stand the sight of each other! She saw violence everyday; and she didn’t want to be like them. Little did she know, that this data was getting imprinted on her subconscious without even her knowing it!

In her teenage years she had a pathetic relationship with a guy who abused her, mentally and physically. But she couldn't escape it, because subconsciously she knew, only this kind of relationship works. Somehow, she succeeded to rid herself from this horror and moved to another city. There she kept herself engrossed in education and kept herself away from relationships and men in general. But somewhere, deep down inside her, she never gave up on love. Soon to her surprise she fell into another relationship, this time with food!

That was a long story until one day she became around 30 pounds overweight and decided she had to do something about it. She did and succeeded in it. Looked better than ever and now that she was pretty again, she wanted to explore the possibility that, she still might have a chance at love. Many relationships later, she found a guy who she fell deeply in love with. Problem was, he was ‘not sure if he was ready for love’. She again suffered a deep and painful heartbreak, as she had put her heart out once again and was left disappointed and shattered.

This time, she decided, to totally give up on finding love. The voice inside her said, “Not any more, not any more”. And then something miraculous happened! The next day she met a guy, and she was shocked to know that he shared his name with the guy who just broke her heart. It was movie like, romance bloomed and loved blossomed in no time at all, and before she knew it, they fell deeply in love with each other. It seemed too simple and too good to be true, but there it was, in front of her, the guy of her dreams. They had so much passion, they could not hide it! Sure, they did have their share of upheavals in their relationship but, it was simple to fall in love this time. Happily ever after, not sure about that, but still in love, for sure!

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